Just three steps

with SORATINEX products

Skin Care Gel

removes hardened skin through the application of cream and oil

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Skin Care Cream

works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce itchiness

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Skin Care Oil

moisturizes and creates a protective layer on the skin

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Just three steps

with SORATINEX products

Exclusive distributor of SORATINEX for the United Kingdom
82% efficacy rate
Delivery by the next day when ordering before 10:00 am
13 years of experience

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Any special warnings?

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What shall I do if I have tendencies to allergies?

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What is the price of SORATINEX products and is it possible to order them directly?

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Are SORATINEX products suitable for all type of psoriasis?

About FRANKL Pharma

FRANKL Pharma was founded in the Czech Republic in 2003. We began as a small dynamic company selling products for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions. The company has now expanded beyond the Czech Republic and trades under the name FRANKL Phama Global Limited in the UK, and FRANKL Pharma Vertreibsgesellschaft UG in Germany from where it supplies products to other EU markets.

How does it work?


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I started getting red, scaly, itchy skin about 10 years ago. I had small patches on my leg, hand, back and tummy but the worst area was my hairline and scalp. I have a condition linked to psoriasis called frontal fibrosing alopecia, which causes hair loss and hairline scarring.

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Small SORATINEX set contains all three products (CREAM 50 G, GEL 200 ML, OIL 200 ML)
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