Jamie Browne

‘Steroid creams thinned my skin and didn’t work but I saw a huge difference in a week with Soratinex’

Jamie  Browne

Jamie Browne, 41, a fashion specialist from east London, with his nephew Albie

I first developed symptoms of psoriasis 15 to 20 years ago on my legs, but I wasn’t sure what it was at first. There were red patches that would sometimes clear up but would never fully heal.

However, as it climbed up my body to my arms and back, I was diagnosed with psoriasis. I’d say 60 to 70 per cent of my skin was affected – though thankfully not my face.

I never let my psoriasis stop me socialising and living my life, but there were times when I would avoid going to the swimming baths or sunbathing at the beach. Mostly, I’d just cover up.

Initially, I was prescribed various steroid creams which I used, though reluctantly. I think of myself as trying to live healthily, so I never liked the idea of putting chemicals that we don’t fully understand on to and into my body. The steroids sometimes worked a little at first, but over time they caused my skin to thin and become prone to splitting and bleeding – it was very painful and eventually I gave up on them altogether.

I tried PUVA [psoralen and ultraviolet A radiation] treatment and that was very successful at first, but within a month my symptoms came back. I was also offered Methotrexate [a chemotherapy and autoimmue suppressant] but after reading about potential side-effects I decided against it.



   Jamie Browne’s legs before Soratinex                         Jamie’s legs after Soratinex         

About five years ago, I decided to give up on the various treatments and just use ordinary moisturisers. My symptoms were very bad and most of my body was covered, but I figured it was better to have my problem without exposing myself to steroids and chemicals, than to risk lots of skin damage and side-effects.

About two months ago [summer 2019] my mother read an article about Soratinex and I decided to give it a go. She bought me the gel, cream and oil and I made sure I set aside time to use it properly each morning and night – and within a week I noticed a huge difference.

My plaques began to shrink and clear up, at first on my upper body and then on my legs. It was amazing. I live a very busy life and probably don’t pay enough attention to myself as I should, so it was my mum and dad who pointed out to me after several weeks that my psoriasis had actually cleared up completely – 100 per cent – on my arms and torso, and by about 90 per cent on my legs. I hadn’t really noticed the extent to which I had cleared up!

I’m still working on my legs and the plaques on my torso are showing no signs of returning.

I now feel so much happier and confident. I haven’t been this free from symptoms in years and years. Soratinex is a fantastic product and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending it to anyone with plaque psoriasis.