Derrick Singleton

'I want to tell as many people as I can that there is a non-steroid treatment that has done something I previously thought impossible'


Derrick Singleton Pic

Derrick Singleton, 72, a retired hotelier from Torbay, Devon.

The stress of taking my higher national exams first brought on my psoriasis. I was just 18 and I’ve had symptoms all my life – at least, I did have until nine months ago when I discovered Soratinex.

I had round plaques pretty much everywhere, my arms, legs, elbows, scalp and – mostly – my torso. I found it very embarrassing and would avoid taking my clothes off in front of other people where possible. I even got changed on my own to play football. I think the worst part of it was leaving behind dry skin wherever I went, like a trail of dandruff. That, and constantly having to explain to people that, no, I hadn’t fallen over and hurt myself; I just had psoriasis.

Over the years I tried everything. All the usual greasy steroid creams like Betnovate, scalp lotions and, twice, light treatment, which got rid of it but only for a short while. I think I had come to accept that it would be with me forever. Then I read about Soratinex and was impressed by what other sufferers were saying about it. My first thought was that it seemed a bit expensive but I’ll try anything once and decided to buy a large set.

Before I had used half of it, in about a month and a half, almost all of my psoriasis had gone away. It really is quite remarkable. All I have left now are two stubborn areas on my torso, but they’re getting smaller and I’m expecting them to disappear soon too. I bought it nine months ago and I still have some of the gel, cream and oil left, so when you look at it like that, it doesn’t seem expensive at all.

My wife, Lesley, is absolutely delighted for me. I have told my GP and consultant dermatologist too, because they have also been impressed with the results.

I have told other people about Soratinex and they have tried it with similar results. I just want to tell as many people as I can that there is a non-steroid treatment out there that has done something for me that I previously thought impossible.