Stella Flannery

‘Soratinex has been transformational. It’s changed my life’ 

 Stella Flannery

Stella Flannery, 60, a college principal from London

My psoriasis first started developing about 15 years ago. Looking back, it was quite a stressful, hectic time, raising two children and holding down a very responsible position, so that might have been a trigger.

It affected my torso and thighs mostly, and a little on my elbows and knees – the usual places. It definitely impacted on my confidence. It was like entering a new world of things to worry about.

I do a lot of public speaking, so I would constantly be wondering whether people in the audience were looking at my psoriasis. The summer was worst, having to wear tights and cover up in hot weather. I was on a beach one year and suddenly I noticed people looking at my torso and I suddenly thought, ‘That’s it, cover up from now on’.

There were awkward moments too. I was on holiday in Morocco and I booked a massage and told the manager in advance about my condition. He said it was okay, but he didn’t tell the masseuse. When she saw my plaques she looked horrified and refused to do the massage. It was embarrassing for me and for her. It was awful really.

I had all the usual steroid creams and a whole gamut of other treatments, coal tar, special baths and so on, but nothing worked for me. It had a powerful effect on my self-esteem.

Then I heard about Soratinex and just tried the cream, which was a mistake because you need all three products – the gel, cream and oil – for it to work. Of course, there was no improvement and so I stopped. But people kept telling me it really worked, so I had another go, this time following the manufacturers’ instructions to the letter – and within a week I began to see an improvement.

I just thought, ‘Goodness me. It’s working’. And it kept on working. The plaques disappeared and then I had the pleasure of seeing this fresh, pink new skin underneath. For me, it has been completely transformational. I am now 100 per cent clear and have been for more than eight months.

I always expected to have different skin pigmentation in the areas that had been affected by my psoriasis, but even that is now returning to the same colour as the rest of my skin. 

This summer has been lovely. I’ve been able to wear sleeveless dresses and tops, and I don’t have to worry that my hem is long enough to cover my plaques. It’s a wonderful feeling – Soratinex has definitely changed my life for the better.