Laura McCafferty

‘I noticed a big difference after just four weeks - it's just outstanding’


Laura McCafferty, 43, a PA from Glasgow


My grandfather died when I was 14 and I woke up in bed the next morning covered from head to toe in psoriasis plaques. Our doctor told me it must have been caused by the trauma of losing him.

At that age I did a lot of dancing – tap, ballet, majorette – so suddenly having psoriasis all over my legs, elbows, trunk and scalp left me feeling apprehensive and embarrassed. I used to use lots of make-up to cover up as best I could but I never let it get in the way of my life.

I was once at a wedding in a dress, my legs were covered in plaques and I wasn’t wearing any tights. One of the other guests came over and complimented me on having the courage to do that because she had psoriasis too. But that’s just me; I realise not everyone feels that confident.

Over 30 years or so I was given the usual steroid creams and I had light treatment twice but none of it really worked. Sometimes a steroid cream might help for a while, but then my skin would get used to it and the psoriasis would come back, often with a vengeance.

My grandmother was a great one for finding treatments for me to try, like Dead Sea minerals and so on, but it was my cousin who read about Soratinex in the Daily Mail. You hear about these things and think, ‘Oh, here we go again’ but you feel you should give them a try, so I did.

Within four weeks I began to see a real difference. My skin improved and the plaques began to go away. The results are outstanding. I would say my symptoms are 97 per cent gone and in terms of quality of life, I feel 100 per cent better.

One of the best things about Soratinex is that the gel, cream and oil smell good and don’t stain your bedding or clothes. I’d been used to using creams that were smelly and gloopy. And, of course, I like the fact that it doesn’t contain steroids.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from plaque psoriasis.