Marc Henwood


‘I felt my skin was normal for the first time since I was 10’



Marc Henwood, 46, an airport worker from Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey


I was actually shocked when I saw the positive results I was achieving with Soratinex after just two weeks.

I’d had symptoms of psoriasis since I was 10, 36 years ago, and I’d grown used to it and didn’t expect to get rid of it.

I got my first symptoms after having a sore throat. Now we know this can be a trigger for psoriasis, but back then I was incorrectly first diagnosed with chicken pox, and then with guttate psoriasis. I was hospitalised twice when I was younger and I had months of light treatment – which did actually work for a while.

Later I developed plaque psoriasis on my knees and my upper arms from elbow to shoulder. I had thick, scaly plaques and was treated with every steroid cream known to mankind. Sometimes they’d help but even when they got rid of the plaques, I would have red burning skin underneath. And, of course, the steroids thinned my skin so I didn’t really like using them.

I had decided that nothing would work. And then my mum told me about an article in the Daily Mail showing how much good Soratinex had done for other people, so I decided to give it a go.

Unlike many of the horrible, oily and gloopy steroid creams I’d tried in the past – some the consistency of wallpaper paste - Soratinex was light, easy to use and it smelled nice. There is an oil in the three-step treatment, but even that doesn’t stain your clothes and is pleasant to use.

I used it as per the instructions and during the second week I began to notice that the plaques were breaking down and getting thinner. After a while they disappeared altogether but without leaving sore red areas. I felt like my skin was normal for the first time since I was 10.

I simply couldn’t believe it, but I cleared up 100 per cent. That was around January 2018 and I’ve been clear ever since – except currently for a small stubborn spot on a knee. I just use the treatment for maintenance now – not every day – so it actually works out quite economical.

I would 100 per cent recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of their plaque psoriasis.