Stuart Lester

 'I thought this was it. I would be like this forever'

Stuart Lester Soratinex 1_R

Stuart Lester, 63, a retired company director from Norwich

I suffered from severe plaque psoriasis for more than 30 years before Soratinex cleared it up – 100 per cent - within six weeks. I feel like I’ve been in a nightmare and have just woken up.

I had it on my knees, elbows, lower back, buttocks and the top of my thighs. I’d say it covered 35-40 per cent of my body.

I used to have to take three shirts to work every day because it would itch and inevitably I would scratch it and it would bleed. It was terribly embarrassing. I wouldn’t dream of wearing shorts or short-sleeved shirts.

I couldn’t even travel far in the car because the plaques on my buttocks would split and bleed and it would become too painful.

Over the years, I tried everything to clear it up. All the usual steroid creams, three lots of light treatment, whatever a succession of specialists told me to try – except Methotrexate. I turned that down because I didn’t like the sound of the side-effects. I even had trips to the Dead Sea, but nothing really worked.

I thought this was it. I would be like this forever.

Then last November [2017] I read about Soratinex in The Times. I was very sceptical at first and I thought it seemed expensive but I decided to give it a try.

I began to see a big difference within three days. I couldn’t believe it but it just kept getting better and better. The plaques reduced in size and then disappeared and now even the scars are going. My skin is amazing and the psoriasis has completely gone.

It is nine months since I bought my first set of Soratinex and I am on my second set but have two-thirds of it left, so I no longer consider it to be expensive – especially after what it has done for me.

My wife, Annette, is so happy for me and I’m just delighted. There was a time I never would have dreamt of putting on swimming shorts and going anywhere near a pool, but a couple of weeks ago we went to Bulgaria and I did just that.

Thank you for changing my life.