Amanda Sims


'by week 12 it was completely gone from my body'

Amanda Sims

Mrs Amanda Sims, 53, from Waldringfield, Suffolk 

I first developed psoriasis during puberty and had it to a greater or lesser extent for more than 40 years until I discovered Soratinex.

It started in my hairline and, as a young girl, I was very self-conscious about it. It then went on to my torso – my back, front, chest and sides – as lots of small clusters rather than thick, wide plaques. I tried not to let it get me down but I did arrange my wardrobe to hide it.

For a while, I had it on my arms too, so I even had my wedding dress specially-designed to make my psoriasis invisible.

I didn’t like going to doctors and specialists because they would always say the same thing: ‘We don’t really understand what it is but, here, have some steroid creams.’ For years I was using Betnovate daily and later Eumovate. They tended to keep my symptoms at bay, but they never cleared them – and I have always been concerned about the long-term side-effects of steroids.

I have always found that my diet helped. At 23, I became vegan and that had a very positive impact – I was about 95 per cent clear for a long time. But when I became pregnant, my friends and relatives said they were concerned about how a vegan diet might affect the development of my baby and so I went vegetarian and have been ever since. The psoriasis worsened to some extent and it never really went away but I do feel my diet has helped to control it.

In later years, I began to get patches on my face and even though I knew I shouldn’t, I started using a steroid lotion for my scalp on it. My doctor later gave me a milder steroid to use, but I’ve always been worried about what long-term damage I might be doing.

Two years ago, following a very personal stressful situation, my psoriasis flared up quite severely and returned to my hairline – just like it had when I was 13. I was very, very upset about it and so my husband went online to see what was new out there. He came upon Soratinex and we decided to give it a try.

We applied it twice a day but for the first four weeks there wasn’t really a change. However, we had read that it could take eight to 12 weeks to have an effect on some people and so we persevered – persistance is important! After eight weeks, the patches of psoriasis had gone, leaving behind brown marks like birthmarks and I thought ‘Oh well, at least it isn’t psoriasis’.

But I continued and by week 12 it was completely gone from my body. That was more than a year ago and it hasn’t returned. It is nothing short of staggering. After all these years I simply didn’t think I would ever live without psoriasis but I am completely clear and am very happy about it.

And because it is natural, I also felt confident about using it on my face and it cleared up the patches there too. For someone like me to have had psoriasis all her adult life, and then to get these results is nothing short of amazing.