Amanda Sims


'I've been clear for more than two years with hardly any maintenance'

Amanda Sims

Mrs Amanda Sims, 53, from Waldringfield, Suffolk 

I first developed psoriasis during puberty and had it to a greater or lesser extent for more than 40 years until I discovered Soratinex.

It started in my hairline and I was very self-conscious about it. It then went on to my back, chest, arms and sides as lots of small clusters rather than thick, wide plaques. I tried not to let it get me down but I did arrange my wardrobe to hide it.

I didn’t like going to doctors and specialists because they would always say the same thing: ‘Here, have some steroid creams.’ They tended to keep my symptoms at bay, but they never cleared them – and I have always been concerned about the long-term side-effects of steroids.

I have always found that my diet helped. From 13 to 23 I became vegan and that had a very positive impact – I was about 95 per cent clear for a long time. But about 10 years on, when I became pregnant, my friends and relatives said they were concerned about how a vegan diet might affect the development of my baby and so I went vegetarian and have been ever since.

Three years ago, my psoriasis flared up quite severely and returned to my hairline – just like it had when I was 13. I was very, very upset about it and so my husband, Robert, went online to see what was new out there. He came upon Soratinex and we decided give it a try.

We applied it twice a day but for the first four weeks there wasn’t really a change. However, we had read that it could take eight to 12 weeks to have an effect on some people and so we persevered – persistence is important! After eight weeks, the patches of psoriasis had gone, leaving behind brown marks like birthmarks and I thought ‘Oh well, at least it isn’t psoriasis’.

But I continued to improve and by week 12 it was completely gone from my body. That was more than two years ago. Very occasionally I get a little dry patch behind my ears (which was a common place in past years) and I use the cream which remedies it. But everywhere else has remained clear without any maintenance at all.

For someone like me to get these results is nothing short of amazing.