Margaret Hawksworth

‘The first thing that appealed to me was that the ingredients are from Mother Earth – now I’m 100 per cent clear’

Margaret Hawksworth pic

 Margaret Hawksworth,73, a retired physiotherapist from Sheffield, South Yorkshire


I had psoriasis on my hands, arms, legs and most of my torso for about 30 years before trying Soratinex, and now I’m 100 per cent clear. It’s been miraculous for me.

I first developed symptoms in my forties. I don’t know why – you never do with psoriasis – but it co-incided with me being prescribed beta blockers for raised blood pressure, and some medics believe exposure to new drugs can sometimes trigger it. But it is in the family, too; my granny had it on her legs.

As a physiotherapist, having psoriasis on my hands was awkward and so I had to use cotton gloves all the time, but my colleagues and patients were great, so being happy in work helped a lot.

The worst thing about the condition is that you lose self-confidence and no longer feel pretty or attractive. You feel depressed – I stopped wearing shorts and dainty clothes and I thought I’d never feel good about myself again.

Over the years, I was treated with steroid creams but they didn’t work. They just made my skin thinner and thinner, and all the while I had this terrible, constant itching.

Then last year [2018], my husband, Peter, read about Soratinex in The Times and I decided to give it a try. The first thing that appealed to me was that the ingredients are from Mother Earth – I had grown afraid of steroids so having something that did not contain them was such a relief.

It was so easy and pleasant to apply, and I wasn’t constantly worried that I was putting too much on, the way I was with steroid creams. And it was just brilliant – I noticed huge improvements within the first two weeks.

When I was using steroids, I was afraid to go out into the sun, but last summer I sat out in the garden and enjoyed it for the first time in years. Peter, my son and daughter and their children have all noticed a difference in me. Now I am 100 per cent clear and all the itching and discomfort have stopped.

Ageing as a woman is difficult at the best of times, even without psoriasis, so growing older with the condition was awful. But now I am completely clear, so much happier – and I feel much prettier in myself!