Barbara Frost


Barbara Frost 

‘By the end of eight weeks my scalp was completely clear’

Barbara Frost, 49, an occupational therapist from Milton Keynes

I first developed psoriasis on my scalp when I was 38, after I had my son, and until I discovered Soratinex, I thought I’d be affected by it for the rest of my life.

It was quite stressful to suddenly have this condition when up until then it hadn’t affected me at all. It covered my scalp and was very embarrassing – basically, most of the time it was like a shower of dandruff.

I was given a variety of steroid-based treatments by my GP and they worked to some extent but as soon as I stopped using them, the psoriasis came back worse than it had been before. Sometimes it would be on one part of my scalp and the steroids would help, but then it would pop up on another part.

I became very worried about the long-term effects of using steroids because my hair was thinning and I was afraid of losing it. I was feeling pretty desperate.

Then, I read an article about Soratinex and decided to give it a try. You’re supposed to use it on your scalp in the morning and evening and, mostly, that’s what I did. I expected it to take eight weeks before seeing results, but I experienced improvements before that, and even when I was only able to use the treatment once a day my scalp continued to clear up.
By the end of the eight weeks my scalp had completely cleared. That was more than a year ago [April 2018] and it’s still clear. I just use the oil or cream every now and then as maintenance.

I honestly thought I would have the symptoms of psoriasis for the rest of my life so it has been wonderful for me to find something that has cleared them up. I want to tell as many other people with psoriasis that it has worked for me. I would fully recommend Soratinex to anyone suffering from the symptoms of psoriasis.