Andy Worrall

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Andy Worrall, 67, a magistrate and retired civil servant from Chipping Sodbury near Bath

I had psoriasis as a young child, but it cleared up on its own when I was in my mid-teens. It then started to re-appear about 17 years ago as small patches on my legs, and gradually moved to both sides of my torso.

I was using a steroid/coal-tar combination cream, prescribed by my doctor, when the psoriasis flared up, which seemed to help, as the coal-tar broke down the scales, and the steroid reduced the inflammation.

However, this cream was removed from supply about 10 years ago, due to concerns over an ‘unacceptably high risk of skin cancer’.

After this became unavailable, I tried several different products without success – and I tried to avoid steroid creams due to their thinning effects on the skin.

In October 2017, I read an article about Soratinex in The Times saying that it was being released in the UK following high levels of success in treating psoriasis in Australia and the Czech Republic.

As none of the 'wonder' products I had tried over the years had worked, I decided to order a small pack of Soratinex, to see if it was any good. I figured that the small set, at £76.50, was worth trying, but if it was no good, then the large (better value) set would be a bigger waste of money, at £121.05.

I started using the Soratinex on my torso and there was a noticeable improvement in my psoriasis after only two days. After the first week of use, my torso was almost completely clear of psoriasis, so I decided to extend my use to my back, shoulders and legs. This is where my decision to buy the small size proved to be a false economy, as I needed to order another pack (this time the large size) within three weeks.

For the use to be effective, you need to follow the instructions and you will need to allocate about 25 minutes twice a day (morning and evening) for six to eight weeks, so it requires a high level of commitment; but in my experience, it was well worth every second!

I have been using the treatment for more than a year now and my psoriasis is still 100 per cent under control.

I would thoroughly recommend Soratinex for anyone who is plagued by plaque psoriasis.