David Caldow

'I’m now clear of psoriasis after 51 years'


David Caldow

David Caldow, retired, from Dumbarton, Scotland

 I'm 67, retired and enjoying a more active life, made all the better from using Soratinex.

In 1968 while recovering from the removal of my appendix, I developed a condition that turned out to be plaque psoriasis, initially on the elbows and knees and over time it spread to my scalp, bottom/backside. In the early years my treatments consisted of coal-tar shampoos and zinc-based ointments. Later to Betnovate and various other steroids which kept things under control and manageable most of the time.

Over the years as things developed I have had various other treatments including Cyclosporin tablets during a bad outbreak, various homeopathic treatments, Dovonex, Elcon ointments, and laterally UVB light treatment, and more recently Dovobet, all of which made life easier, but has never cleared my psoriasis.

A combination of sun and sea holidays spent at the beach always helped in clearing up the plaques, but in most cases my psoriasis would return. Over the last few years my skin condition deteriorated and no longer responded to any of the usual treatments available - that was until last February 2018 when I read an article in one of the national papers about a woman with long-term psoriasis who had successfully treated it using a new ‘cosmetic’ treatment called Soratinex.

Having tried many of the so called ‘miracle’ treatments over the years I was sceptical about purchasing Soratinex, but decided that although it may not work for me I should at least give it a try. Using the three-pack treatment initially for a couple of weeks, I could see a difference and my skin looked less red or itchy. I continued to apply day and night for a further two weeks and I could see an amazing difference. Another four weeks and I was all but cleared. 

There are a few small stubborn spots/patches remaining which I continue to treat, but in general I am clear of psoriasis after all these years, and free from having to use all the different treatments I had been prescribed over the years.

No more do I have to pick up my prescriptions of lotions, potions and shampoo treatments every month or spend long periods of time during the day applying ointments. Although I never let it stop me from enjoying going swimming or playing sport, I feel so much better that I don’t have to let psoriasis dictate how I live my life. I have Soratinex to thank for that!