Jude Osborne

‘Within 10 days of using the regime my skin began clearing up – after 28 years’

Jude Osborn

Jude Osborne, 45, a graphic designer from London

I first developed psoriasis at 17 when I was sitting exams for university. I think it was the stress that brought it on. At first, it was on my scalp and elbows, and of course the elbows hurt because you tend to put weight on them.

It stayed like that for a long time but around eight years ago it began appearing on my legs in a small way. Then about two years ago, it it just exploded all over them.

People stare at you and you begin to monitor what you wear. I was always uncomfortable, and embarrassed and so avoided wearing shorts or dresses where you could see my legs. It makes you feel ashamed of something you shouldn’t feel ashamed of.  

I was prescribed steroid creams but all they seemed to do was make my skin feel like it was burning or boiling. At one point, my GP sent me to see a specialist in north London but when I told her that steroids didn’t work for me, she was so arrogant. She said: ‘This time they will work, because I’m treating you’. And of course, they didn’t work. I think the NHS is wonderful but after that, I tried to avoid dismissive doctors and stopped using the treatments.

About a year ago, I read a newspaper article about Soratinex and then saw that people were talking about it on the Psoriasis Association forums, so I decided to try it for myself.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 10.41.54

Jude’s legs before and after Soratinex

Within 10 days of starting to use the product regime, I stopped experiencing the frantic burning and itching I had struggled with for years. It was fantastic. Then my skin began to clear up. That took perseverance, but over several months I would say my legs became about 95 per cent clear.

It has been absolutely amazing. And, except for the occasional flareup, the psoriasis hasn’t come back.

I recently went to New Zealand and was in shorts the whole time. It felt brilliant. It’s now winter [2019] and I have the summer to look forward to here without worrying about what I wear.