Robin Higgins

‘There wasn't an inch of my body that wasn't covered in psoriasis - but now I've been clear for a year’


Robin Higgins, 76, former Rolls Royce project technologist from Barnoldswick, Lancs.


I first noticed psoriasis in all the usual places when I was 40 - elbows, knees and arms. Then, about three years ago, it suddenly erupted and spread until I had barely one square inch of my body not covered in psoriasis. Only my face was spared.

I’d had the shingles vaccine and I read afterwards that this could act as a psoriasis trigger in some people, so I figured that was what probably caused the deterioration. I was given various treatments but none seemed to work and so I just assumed I was stuck with it.

About a year after that, I read about Soratinex in a newspaper and decided to give it a try. My wife helped me put on all over each day and I waited to see what would happen. After about two weeks I began to see improvements and my skin just kept on getting better.

I’ve now been clear for a year and I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve already recommended Soratinex to other people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone with psoriasis. It really worked for me.