Colin Brady

‘I keep telling everyone: It worked for me - it could work for you too’

Colin Brady

Colin Brady, 66, a retired chief executive from Hawkhurst, Kent

People with psoriasis know that nothing works for everyone, but since I’ve discovered Soratinex I’ve been telling everyone I know with the condition to give it a try. My chiropodist is even spreading the word about it after seeing my badly-affected legs clear up – it’s been a revelation.

I had the first signs of psoriasis 18 years ago when I found patches around my shin pads after playing football. Our local village pitch was used to graze sheep during the week, so my GP first thought they had been caused by sheep ticks! He gave me a steroid cream and they went away.

However, the following year, during a period of stressful takeovers at work, it came back with a vengeance, not only on the old sites, but also in new, previously unaffected areas. This time it seemed to follow the lines of my nerves – down my spine, on my shins, elbows and scalp. It was life-changing because suddenly I had to start worrying about what to wear and having to adopt regimes that involved horrible stuff like coal tar that would ruin your clothes and bedding.

I tried not to let it bother me too much – I’m the ‘loud and proud’ sort of person when it comes to psoriasis – but I know other people who don’t have that mentality and so their symptoms can often leave them feeling very depressed.

I found myself on the merry-go-round of specialists. They try one thing and then when it doesn’t work, they pass you on to another one. Then, when their favourite thing doesn’t work, they scratch their heads and pass you on to someone else. There were times when I honestly felt like saying, ‘Shall we just Google the latest treatment together..?’

I was prescribed Methotrexate [a chemotherapy and auto-immune suppressant] but a GP friend of mine showed me the potential side-effects and I just didn’t take it. It seemed to me like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Then a friend of a friend who had travelled the world seeking a solution told me about Soratinex. I looked it up and thought it was a bit expensive but decided to give it a go. The results were revelatory. Within two weeks I was beginning to see a real improvement and the improvements just kept on coming.

If you saw me today, you’d say I was 100 per cent clear. On a cold day, maybe I look 90 per cent clear because some of the more severely-affected areas will show as slightly discoloured ‘maps’ as we sufferers call them. I just keep telling people about it in the hope that they can get back to enjoying life as much as I am.

I no longer consider the treatment to be expensive, and not just because of its positive effect on me. After the initial spend, I now find I only need to buy enough for maintenance so it works out very economical for me. And I’ve now been clear for almost 10 months.