John Cowie

'It Is an absolutely brilliant result for me. This stuff is amazing.'


John Cowie, 52, from Essex

My  psoriasis arrived from nowhere – there was no family history of the condition and no reason why it should turn up, but it just appeared. That was about 20 years ago and it has persistently affected my knees, elbows and trunk.

Over the years I’ve tried everthing to clear it up – Dovabet, Dovonex, salicylic acid, coal tar, UVB treatment, homeopathic remedies  – but nothing worked.

I never had much of an issue with my scalp, but then it appeared there and I had to use coal tar shampoo. Dithrocream helped for a while, but that stained the bedsheets. Permanently.

I hated all the sideways glances from people if you went into the swimming pool. If I got into a jacuzzi you could just see people thinking ‘Bits are falling off that guy!’ You try not to let it affect your life, but you can’t help it. I sail a dinghy and spend half of my life on my knees and it hurts like hell – the psoriasis plaques split and by the time I’ve finished, there is quite often blood in the bottom of the boat.

Then I read about Soratinex in the health pages of The Times and thought ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. At first I got a slight burning sensation because I might have put on too much gel, so I left it for a couple of days but I saw an improvement anyway.

Then I applied the gel, cream and oil carefully and within days I began to see a real improvement. I began to notice the plaques shrinking and the clear skin below appearing. I had a big patch on my trunk and right hip – about 15cm by 6cm – and very soon all that was left of it was a slight ring at the edges.

My elbows and knees have cleared up and I would say I am now 90 per cent clear and getting clearer. It Is an absolutely brilliant result for me. This stuff is amazing.

Spring and summer are on their way and I can’t wait to get back in my dinghy on my new knees, knowing I won’t have to put up with all that pain. I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough.