Tracy Costigan

 ‘Soratinex has totally changed my life and boosted my confidence’

Tracy Costigan, 39, from County Longford, Ireland


Until I tried Soratinex, I was resigned to having the symptoms of psoriasis for the rest of my life. In our family, the condition tends to be with the females on my father’s side. My grandmother had psoriasis until the day she died, and I thought I would too.

I first got the symptoms when I was 15 and taking my first major exams. It was stress that brought it on and it has always been at its worst during stressful times in my life. It was on my face, arms and legs and at school it resulted in a lot of bullying – young girls can be very cruel.

Over the years, I was prescribed coal tar – which stank! – then steroids, which I didn’t like using, and which didn’t clear up the symptoms. I also tried various moisturisers and found that coconut oil helped a little, but when I say ‘helped’ I only mean it calmed down the itching – nothing actually made the redness and soreness go away.



               Tracy’s neck before Soratinex                                                Tracy’s neck after treatment


I would always wear long trousers and long sleeves to cover myself up. In the summer I’d usually wear a hoody to hide my face – even in hot sunshine. My three boys thought I was crazy. And on holiday I’d enjoy having the sun on my skin, but only in private, maybe on the balcony of our hotel room.

Just over a year ago, I had a really bad flare up on my face, forehead, chin and, for the first time, my neck. I’d never had it there before and it was really upsetting. Nothing seemed to help. Then my sister told me she had read newspaper reports about Soratinex – which doesn’t contain steroids – and she bought me some.

I didn’t hold out much hope, but I decided to give it a go. After a couple of days, I thought about stopping it because my neck became redder, but my family told me to carry on using the treatment – it can take up to eight weeks to be effective - and so I did, and I am so happy I persevered.

After five days the itching and soreness had stopped and my skin had gone from red to pink. It was completely calm. Within three weeks it was completely gone from my face and neck - the pain of my skin cracking was gone and I no longer had to hide my face and neck. 

I used it on the rest of my body and I'm thrilled with the results. The plaques on my legs and elbows went, and they have now been gone for more than a year without me having to use Soratinex on them. I still use it daily on my face and neck, but just once a day, not twice.

It has totally changed my life and boosted my confidence. And I’m back in short sleeves and skirts for the first time in years!