How to apply Soratinex preparations on the body and face


FOR PLAQUE PSORIASIS: Use the following combination of preparations twice daily (morning and evening)

1.Firstly, use the SKIN CARE GEL to remove the dry skin scales. 

In the morning and evening apply the Skin Care Gel to wet skin and massage it in (you may use a small sponge) and allow it to take effect for 3-10 minutes depending on the thickness of scales. Rinse the treated area with water and then gently remove the scales using a towel or sponge; dry the area. The gel smooths and conditions the skin´s surface prior to the application of the other preparations.

2. Secondly, use the SKIN CARE CREAM as a remedy to heal the skin and reduce inflammation.

Gently towel dry the skin after application of the Skin Care Gel. Apply a small amount of anti-inflammatory Skin Care Cream and let it take effect for about 10 minutes. The cream contains essential oils and basic agents, which heal, soothe and repair the damaged skin.

3. Thirdly, use the SKIN CARE OIL to hydrate and protect the treated areas.

The final step in the application of Soratinex preparations, is the application of a thin layer of the Skin Care Oil to prevent the drying out of the deposits. It preserves the healing components of the treatment on the outer skin layer, and creates a natural protective film against external influences.


FOR GUTTATE PSORIASIS: Use your 3 Soratinex products the following way:
For first 2 weeks:
1. Soratinex Skin Care Gel once daily 
2. Soratinex Skin Care Oil  twice daily on affected areas.  

You should start to see improvements after 5-7 days.
After the first 2 weeks:
1. Soratinex Cleansing Gel once daily.
2. Soratinex Skin Care Cream twice daily on affected areas.