Matt Bentley

‘It just takes 20 minutes out of your day to get your symptoms under control’


    Matt Bentley, 48, a computer cloud operations manager, from Reading, Berks


I first got psoriasis in mid-20s. It was under my arms, on my elbows, back of the knees, front of the shins and occasionally on my foot - mostly in places that got hot or irritated. The most problematic areas were behind my ears and on my scalp. When my scalp became irritated and itchy, I would scratch it and so I often had what looked like a bad case of dandruff, and that could be socially awkward.

I was given steroid creams, including Betnovate, and they would work after four weeks or so, but after a while the psoriasis would come back.

If people asked about it, I would just tell them the truth, that it was psoriasis, and most people understood that. The ones that didn't, I’d explain by saying it was like eczema. I didn't let it get me down or stop me doing things, but I did sometimes find it a bit difficult if I was in shorts or at a swimming pool and people were looking at me.

Then [in 2019], my step mum saw an article about Soratinex in the Daily Mail and suggested I try it. My father had had worse psoriasis than me before he died, about eight years ago, and so she was always on the lookout for things that might help me. I didn't hold out much hope, but I decided to take a punt and so bought a large set.

I began to see a big difference after about three weeks. My shins got clear first - and the psoriasis has never come back on them after three years, even without me applying any more Soratinex to them. Then the other areas cleared up, too. I was absolutely elated.

When I got clear, I was very concerned that I would get locked in and have to keep buying Soratinex all the time, but now that it’s under control, I only buy it about once every six months. When I do get a flare up, it’s a case of dot and dab. It goes a very long way. It just takes 20 minutes out of your day to get your symptoms under control.

I now recommend Soratinex to other people with psoriasis and I know my step mum wishes my dad could have tried it.

For me, it is the only thing that has ever worked consistently. The fact that it doesn’t contain steroids makes it even more of a positive treatment.