How to use SORATINEX products

If you want SORATINEX to really help you, you should use all three products in combination and continuously during the treatment period – this is very important. These products can be applied to both body and scalp.

The set contains three products: SORATINEX Skin Care Gel (200 ml), SORATINEX Skin Care Cream (50 g, 250 g) and SORATINEX Skin Care Oil (200 ml).

The products should be used twice a day, morning and evening, over the course of six to eight weeks (the length of time for using the products can vary with each patient).

How to use SORATINEX products on your body?


In the morning, use Skin Care Gel on wet skin (you can use a small sponge) and leave it for about 3 - 10 minutes. Rinse off, towel or blow dry. The Skin Care Gel helps to make the skin surface smooth.


After using the Skin Care Gel, towel dry your skin. Apply the Skin Care Cream - this enhances the healing effect.


After applying the Skin Care Cream, put a thin layer of Skin Care Oil on your skin. This helps to hydrate the skin, creates a protective surface over the Cream and therefore enhances its healing effect.

How to use SORATINEX on your scalp?

This differs slightly to applying the products to your body:

For the scalp – SKIN CARE GEL

In the evening, wash your hair with Skin Care Gel (just as you would if using a shampoo) and leave it there for 3 - 10 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Then style as usual – towel or blow dry.

For the scalp – SKIN CARE CREAM

After using the Skin Care Gel and drying your hair, apply the Skin Care Cream to all psoriasis spots. Apply the Skin Care Oil after applying the Skin Care Cream (this is the third step).

For the scalp – SKIN CARE OIL

After using the Skin Care Cream followed by the Skin Care Oil you can go to sleep. Do not worry: neither the cream nor the oil will stain your bedding.

For the scalp – SKIN CARE GEL

In the morning, we recommend following the same procedure. However you may choose not to use the Skin Care Cream and skin Care Oil (just the Skin Care Gel as directed and blow dry) to avoid having oily hair during the day (to achieve the best results, use all three products).