Davina Pratt

‘I've just been out in the sunshine in my shorts. It's great to have healthy skin again’

Davina Pratt, 57, a lawyer from Hastings, East Sussex.


My first symptom was only a tiny spot on my forearm and I mentioned it to the GP but he was a bit dismissive and said it would just go away. That was 2017 and I had never had any signs of psoriasis before, and there was no history of it in my family.

A while later, I got some more reddening and flaky skin and went back to my GP. This time he said it was eczema and so he gave me something for that, which obviously didn't work. And then after a while it gradually got worse.

During the course of the next year, it spread all over my body - I had it on my scalp, arms, legs, torso and back but not, thankfully, much on my face. I was referred to a dermatologist, who diagnosed psoriasis. He put me on PUVA light therapy and I was very pleased when that cleared me up…but within two months it was all back again.

I tried steroid creams and they seemed to help for a bit, but then the symptoms would return. I found the sun helped when I went on holiday but of course the problem is you feel you want to cover up all the time. I wouldn’t wear shorts or a skirt unless I had leggings or thick tights underneath - sometimes I felt like a leper.

Then I started looking on the Internet for something that might work and I bought all the silly things that people were recommending, like beeswax and some kind of Chinese remedy, but they didn't work either.

In November 2020 I was flicking through my husband’s Facebook page when I came upon Soratinex. People were saying good things about it and I saw that on the company [FRANKL Pharma] website, Professor Anthony Chu was recommending it. I checked him out and when I saw he was a very senior dermatologist, I decided to give it a try.

My husband helped me put on the gel, cream and oil and within three to four weeks I noticed my skin starting to soften and become smooth. After about five to six weeks my symptoms were almost completely gone. I was delighted.

I’ve been clear for about six months now. I get the occasional patch but I just apply the cream or oil and it goes away. And compared with all the money I was spending on things that didn't do me any good, Soratinex works out more economical once you only need it for occasional maintenance.

I’ve just been out in the sunshine in my shorts and a little strappy top and I feel really good. It’s great to have healthy skin again.