Ann Brown

‘Methotrexate failed, Humira failed but I got clear with Soratinex’

Ann Brown, 73, from Kilmarnock, Scotland


I was 16 years of age and my father had died when I got my first symptoms of psoriasis. It wasn’t bad to start with, just like dry skin on my knees and elbows.

Then when I reached 31 it got worse; I don’t know why. It was like plaque psoriasis at first, but then it went red and my skin was dry and it was shedding all the time. When I had particularly bad flare-ups, I would get a very high temperature and was sometimes admitted to hospital.

They used coal tar on me at first - it was horrible to use, very messy. It worked a bit for a while but the psoriasis always used to come back. Eventually, it was all over me - you couldn’t have stuck a pin in me and missed the psoriasis.

Ann’s arm before and after treatment with Soratinex

In 1981, the doctors decided to give me Methotrexate, which was pretty experimental back then. I later heard I’d been given a dose big enough for cancer patients and I lost my hair completely. I didn't have a hair on my head. And I lost so much weight and was unwell all the time because it affects the immune system.

Eventually, it cleared me up and I stayed relatively clear for about three years but it had caused permanent damage to my liver - the doctors said it wasn’t bad, but it was permanent, and they stopped treating me with it.

Next, they tried me on Humira and that damaged one of my lungs. I have a nodule on it. If you read the possible side-effects, lung damage is one of them, along with heart damage and all sorts of other problems. I told them I didn't want it any more.

I continued to be ill was admitted to hospital a lot, with my temperature going haywire. And all the time my skin was really, really bad. I thought that was it for the rest of my life. Then I read about Soratinex on Facebook and people were saying positive things about it so I thought I’d give it a go - I’d tried all sorts of other creams.

My daughter-in-law ordered it for me. I started using it and within a week I could see a big difference. The redness started to go and then the skin got clearer, everywhere, all over my body. After two weeks there was a vast difference and after six weeks, I was clear.

I just couldn’t believe it and now you’d never know I’d ever had psoriasis. The texture of my skin feels normal and it’s smooth and clear.

It is just brilliant. I never used to wear short sleeves or skirts - I never used to get my legs out but now I can. Now I’ve been clear for a year and I just can’t believe it. Soratinex has completely changed my life.