Alexa Turkington

‘I feel like a million dollars. Soratinex has completely changed my life’

Alexa Turkington, 51, from Ballynure, N.Ireland.


I never had anything wrong with my skin, but I think years of medication following a car crash caused my psoriasis. I had aquaplaned in my car and ended up with a fractured skull, three broken bones in my back, 11 fractured ribs, a punctured lung, a broken leg, and damage to my right arm that required 24 bolts and four plates to repair it.

I had to learn to walk again. I had physiotherapy for six years and lots of medication to treat the pain. I think it was the medication and depression that caused the psoriasis to begin appearing about five years after the crash.

It was mainly behind my ears and on my forehead at first, but I had torn off my scalp in the crash, and it began to appear there, on the stitches on my head. Then it appeared down my nose and on my neck.

I was given steroid creams and cortisone by my doctor but they didn't help. Then I went to a dermatologist who suggested putting a chemical peel on face but that made it worse.

I stopped going out because it was so bad and I was afraid people would stare, but that made me feel even more depressed. I spent easily a couple of thousands of pounds on treatments. I would go to the Esther Lauder or Clinique counters at department stores and they would suggest this or that expensive treatment. Some things took it away for a while but it always came back.

I felt I had tried everything when one night my husband came upon Soratinex on the internet. He said, ‘Look, you’ve tried everything else and spent so much money that you might as well have one more try’. I was at my wits’ end so I said yes, but I was very sceptical.

I started using it and saw a real difference after six weeks. In less than three months my psoriasis was all gone. At first, I thought ‘Here we go. It will go away and then come back again’. But it didn't. It has been the best, best thing ever. After seven months I am still clear, and just use the cream once a week for maintenance.

I had thought it was expensive at first, but once Soratinex clears your symptoms, you only need maintenance and that isn’t expensive at all.

I’ve recommended this to so many people. I used to cake my face in makeup and that just made my symptoms worse, but now I don’t need to do that. I feel like a million dollars and am able to go out - Covid lockdown willing - without feeling people are staring at me.

Soratinex has completely changed my life.