Nicky Chambers

‘Soratinex has been fantastic for me. Would I recommend it? Yes, 100%’

Nicky Chambers, 53, a company director from London


I first developed psoriasis about 10 years ago - on my scalp - when I was working for a particularly unpleasant boss. I wasn’t happy about it, but I assumed stress had brought it on.

It wasn’t until two years later that I got it on my elbows and the lower part of my legs. One of my colleagues developed tonsillitis and a streptococcal infection, what is commonly known as strep throat.


                      Nicky’s legs before Soratinex                     And after using the treatment

 A week later, the psoriasis on my legs and elbows appeared. I know now that strep infection is regarded as a possible trigger for psoriasis but at the time it caused me a lot of anxiety.

I hoped it would go away as quickly as it came but, of course, it didn’t. I suddenly found myself having to stop wearing skirts and short-sleeved tops and I started covering up. Socially, I found it very embarrassing.

My GP sent me to a dermatologist and I was given lots of steroid creams but none of them worked. I bought all sorts of over-the-counter products and used coconut oil and olive oil - all kinds of things - but the psoriasis remained. Down my shins it looked as if someone had taken a cheese-grater to me, and they were red and sore and uncomfortable.

Often, I would try things because my mum had spent time looking for treatments using Google and one day she discovered Soratinex. She bought some and sent it to me and I began using it, as much to make her happy as anything.

I began to notice a real difference after about four weeks. The affected areas were less sore and inflamed, and then they began to clear until they disappeared completely. I’ve now been clear for about six months and I’m just delighted. I’ve been wearing skirts and short-sleeved tops again, and that feels wonderful.

Soratinex has been absolutely fantastic for me. It really has been amazing. Would I recommend it? Yes, 100 per cent.