Trevor Ridsdale

‘For me, Soratinex has been life-changing'

Trevor Ridsdale, 67, a retired chef/caterer from Northampton


I was around 25 when I first got symptoms of psoriasis. I had moved from Yorkshire to Surrey to take on a new job as a head chef and I literally woke up one morning with spots all over my body. They were on my legs, torso and arms. I think it was the stress of moving and taking on a new job that did it - and it was very distressing. I felt absolutely devastated.

I went to my GP and he diagnosed psoriasis but said I would have to live with it. I recall he gave me a coal tar solution but that didn't work. Straight away, I paid for a consultation with a specialist in London, but I was just given the usual creams and potions and they didn't really work either.

I felt very self-conscious about it in my professional and private life. Because it was on my arms and hands, I would wear long sleeves and gloves at work, and it affected my social life, too. You find you hide in the shadows. I once went on holiday to Gran Canaria and the chamber maid asked me if I had AIDS. I was horrified that someone would think that just by looking at my psoriasis. That really crushed my confidence.

Over the years, I tried hypnotherapy, acupuncture and all the usual steroid creams. One private treatment that did help me was a solution of 2 per cent salicylic acid, but that was later withdrawn and so I couldn’t buy it any more.

One steroid cream I kept being prescribed was Daktakort for my face and under my arms. I was prescribed that for years - even though you’re not supposed to use it for that long. When I later moved GPs, I was taken off it and told to use something else, but I didn't have to because that’s when I discovered Soratinex.

I saw an article in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo about Roz Jones, a former nurse whose psoriasis had cleared up after 62 years from using Soratinex, and I recognised her as a customer from my café. Later, I bumped into her in my local park and she suggested I give it a go. I told her that not everything worked for everybody, but I bought some - even though I didn't hold out much hope.

Within four weeks I was seeing a real difference. The psoriasis spots started disappearing and now I’d say they’re about 85 per cent gone. So, after 42 years of psoriasis I’ve now been almost completely clear for about 8 months. I honestly thought I’d be taking it to my grave.

If you think it’s a bit expensive, then why not buy a small set and just use it on a small patch for eight weeks? If it works there, there’s a good chance it will work everywhere. I now leave one small patch on my leg that I don’t treat with Soratinex, because my psoriasis was always a part of me and I want that to be a reminder of how I was.

This probably won’t work for everyone, but for me it’s been life-changing.