Apple Daily-Hong Kong-31.10.18 We are delighted that the amazing results of SORATINEX have spread across the world.

A commercial director who suffered with 'embarrassing' psoriasis for nearly 20 years has finally banished his outbreaks.

By the time Jean Knights was in her thirties, she had lived in 18 different countries. The one constant in her life, other than her husband Colin, was psoriasis.

Victoria Fine, from Norwich, spent 15 years in agony and often became a recluse Condition robbed her of her job, modelling dream, social life and love life The 34-year-old had to put up with stares and comments from strangers Was even once sacked from a restaurant for 'putting people off their food' But now, after trying 'everything under the sun', she found steroid-free lotion She's now 95% clear and has been off all medications for the last nine months

A newly launched non-steroidal treatment called Soratinex is being hailed as a breakthrough by some experts.