Treatment for psoriasis paid off

"I am symptom-free after an 8-week treatment! The feeling of healthy hair is just wonderful. Only those who have gone through similar disease accompanied by ugly symptoms can understand. I followed the instructions and applied the cream and washed my hair dutifully every day (despite the high financial cost!) and it paid off – at least for now! The truth is that on June 26, 2006 I went for a vacation to the sea and I kept soaking my head in the salty sea water (which is very helpful for psoriasis) and I think that helped my skin as well.

Anyway, Soratinex products helped me and I am hoping to keep my skin clear as long as possible. I stocked up on the cream and gel, just in case. So if I see even a small lesion again, I will immediately start using the products before it spreads all over my scalp." L. P.