Prof. M.D. Frantisek Novotny, Dr.Sc.

In common with other health products, Soratinex does not have a 100 per cent efficacy rate. However, if you feel it isn’t working for you, there might be an underlying reason and so before you stop using the treatment, take time to read the guide below to ensure you’re giving yourself every opportunity to take advantage of the benefits Soratinex can bring.

‘By the end of eight weeks my scalp was completely clear’

I have always found that my diet helped. At 23, I became vegan and that had a very positive impact – I was about 95 per cent clear for a long time. But when I became pregnant, my friends and relatives said they were concerned about how a vegan diet might affect the development of my baby and so I went vegetarian and have been ever since. The psoriasis worsened to some extent and it never really went away but I do feel my diet has helped to control it.